Hi, I'm Brad 👋

Brad Smith is an entrepreneur, brand expert, and professional daydreamer who works and plays on the island of Manhattan, NYC.

Brad is the co-founder of Wayward Wild, a publishing and media studio which creates original content for print, film, and the web. He is the Publisher of Wayward’s flagship brand, The Great Discontent– a publication and event series which shares inspiring conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers.

Once upon a time, he was the co-founder and CEO of Virb, a DIY website builder for creatives which was acquired by GoDaddy in late 2013. He was also the founder of Neubix Studios, a midwest-bred design and branding shop which he thinks about often.

He is survived by a pair of running shoes, a novel he never published, and more Post-it™ pads than any human should ever own.

Brad is available for brand and product consulting, editorial projects, speaking engagements, and select social media influencer projects.